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Homebuyer FAQ

I'm interested in buying a home. Where do I begin?

We’re excited to help you! Investing in a new home is an exciting process, and there are several steps along the way. The first step in the home purchase process is research. Since you’re here, you’re off to a great start! Our website offers a multitude of information on our homes and will get you started. Whether you’re looking for a quick-move-in home or a home you can customize, we’re here to help. Once you’re ready, the next step is to contact us!

How do I know a builder is trustworthy?

The first step is to research online. Visit their website, search for reviews, Better Business Bureau ratings and see what people are saying on social media. Most importantly, ask for testimonials from current homeowners. This is a huge decision, so we highly recommend you do your homework.

Do you have any models I can tour?

We have several fully furnished model homes open seven days a week to assist you with your dream home. There are single-story homes and two-story homes available to tour, all you have to do is stop by one of our three locations listed here.

206 Grand Rapids Lane
Edwardsville, IL 62025
Open hours:
Sun – Mon: Noon – 5 pm
Tues – Sat: 10 am – 5 pm

2709 Greystone Estates Parkway
Shiloh, IL 62221
Open hours:
Sun – Mon: Noon – 5 pm
Tues – Sat: 10 am – 5 pm

125 Chickasaw Lane
O’Fallon, IL 62269
Open hours:
Sun – Mon: Noon – 5 pm
Tues – Sat: 10 am – 5 pm​

Why should I choose Fulford Homes?

Our award-winning, cutting-edge floor plans maximize space while maintaining efficiency. Our designer finishes allow you to build a dream home that’s unique, not a carbon copy of your neighbor’s home.

What makes Fulford Homes different?

At Fulford Homes, we believe in 100% Customer Satisfaction — and don’t stop working until we achieve our goal! Whether it means multiple inspections or going the extra mile during construction, our absolute dedication to YOU drives us to innovation and success.

How do your prices compare to the competition?

We’re competitive in our pricing, especially when compared to other quality Builders. Most of our clients are amazed at the high-end finishes we provide as a standard in our homes. Combined with our process and quality control, the peace of mind they have is priceless. We also have a variety of price points to match your budget including budget-friendly Cottage Collection.

But isn’t building a home overwhelming?

Fulford Homes’ staff is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our homeowners, members of our communities, subcontractors, vendors and our team. We have been honored with many awards for our customer service because of this commitment. Our team of professionals is there with you from start to finish.

Do your homes come with a warranty?

Fulford Homes provides a one-year warranty on any latent defects not apparent or ascertainable at the time of closing in the building materials or workmanship. Beyond that, we offer a 2-year limited warranty on major systems. The goal of Fulford Homes is to satisfy our clients, and we will not hesitate to respond to customer concerns. Beyond warranties, we also set up two inspections, 30-days and one-year after closing, to ensure any issues are addressed and you are a happy customer.

What comes with a home’s base price?

We provide a comprehensive list of included features. Our purchasing power allows us to provide high-quality products at the most affordable price. Of course, we encourage you to look into our customization options. You might be surprised how many features are in your budget!

What is the average construction time frame?

The amount of time necessary to build a home depends on several things. The largest factor is the weather, especially rain, which will slow construction progress. Other factors include the number of changes requested by the home buyer, the degree of difficulty encountered to initiate those changes and the size of the home. When all of your selections have been made we will sit down for a work order review. Once the work order review occurs it takes about 30 days to get a building permit. The actual construction of your home, from building permit to new home orientation and closing, typically takes between 4-6 months. (Current time-frames have been greatly extended due to pandemic.)

Just how customizable can I be?

This is your dream, so we want you to make it your own. In addition to choosing a floor plan, you can choose the exterior architectural style of your home (Elevation). Inside you can choose your kitchen and bath designs as well as other features. To further put your personal stamp on your brand-new home, you personalize the inside of by choosing the finishes including your flooring, appliances, countertops, cabinetry, paint colors, brick and much more.

Will a design expert be available to help me?

Absolutely! That’s one of the most exciting times in the early planning stages of your home. Our sales and design staff will guide you through the process. We also have an interior designer that can help coordinate the array of colors available.

Are garages and porches included in the square footage?

We do not include garage space or covered porches in our square footage. This, of course, means that you get as much home as possible!


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