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Thank you for bringing your client to a Fulford Homes Sales Center!

If your client purchases a new Fulford Home in the neighborhood in which they are registered, you will receive a full commission. It is the policy of Fulford Homes LLC, that you as an agent of the buyer must be a licensed Realtor with an active license in the state of Illinois and accompany buyer on their first visit.

It is our policy that in order to get paid commission, you and your client must be registered and that your client be accompanied by you, in person as their Realtor, at their first visit to each Fulford Homes Sales Center. To register, you must complete a Client Registration Form ”(THIS FORM)” and submit it when you accompany your client to a Fulford Homes Sales Center. This form is available at Fulford Homes Sales Centers or online at If the client contacts Fulford Homes, visits a Fulford Homes Sales Center, or registers in any other manner with Fulford Homes prior to you as the Realtor registering with them, a commission shall not be paid in the event that the client purchases a home from Fulford Homes.


To avoid any misunderstandings involving agency, we will honor your agency for sixty (60) days from the date of registration with the following exclusions:

  1. Agency cannot be honored if the clients have already contacted Fulford Homes or visited a Fulford Homes Sales Center by themselves before.
  2. We require that you accompany your clients to the Fulford Homes Sales Center and register them. We cannot honor “drive-by” agency, or sending clients to the model homes with instructions to tell the Fulford Homes Sales Representative that “you are working with me.”
  3. Fulford Homes will not pay for a co-broke in connection with any “Owner Referral” program.
  4. Realtor represents Buyer exclusively, Seller to pay commission.
  5. In the event of any conflict between this Realtor and Client Registration Form and any other documents, this Realtor-Client Registration form will prevail over any other documents.

To qualify the Realtor must comply with the following criteria:

  1. The registration must be completed in full and with accurate information.
  2. Realtor must authorize Fulford Homes Community Sales Manager (CSM) with direct access to buyer for follow-up information.
  3. The Fulford Homes CSM will show the display homes and/or floor plans to assist the buyer and close the sale, if possible. The Realtor may assist in the process but it is not required. If more than one visit is necessary to close the sale, the Realtor is not required to return with buyer on subsequent visits.
  4. If a sale is made, the Fulford Homes CSM will prepare all necessary applications, contracts, plan approvals, lender forms, etc., involved and collect same for lender’s approval. Fulford Homes’ staff will order title commitments and all necessary items to prepare for closing. Only Fulford Homes’ Construction & Sales Agreement documents are accepted by Fulford Homes. No Realtor® real estate contract or documents will be used at any time.
  5. All monies and checks received from buyer shall be made out to, and deposited with, Fulford Homes, LLC.
  6. Prior to completion of construction, Fulford Homes will notify buyer and lender to set a closing date, arrange for title delivery, deed preparation, etc. Realtor will be contacted by the Fulford Homes CSM of these dates. This should be received approximately one month prior to the estimated closing date.
  7. Upon closing and receipt of final payment to Fulford Homes, the title company will pay the commission, which is 2% of the final contract price of the home. Payments are made directly to the Realtor®/Broker at time of final closing. If contract is cancelled then no commission will be paid.
  8. If buyer engages two Realtors, Fulford Homes will pay only the Realtor designated by the buyer at the time the contract is signed.
  9. Fulford Homes LLC will not pay more than one commission per home. Any conflicts of commission will be submitted to the Realtor Association of Southwestern Illinois or Greater Gateway Association of Realtors for resolution, not to exceed 2% in total commissions.

Failure to follow these guidelines, as stipulated above, will result in a reduced commission or forfeiture of commission.

Realtor Incentive:

  1. 2.5% Commission. Any second signed and approved Fulford Homes Sales & Construction Agreement contract from an individual Realtor within 6 months of another signed and approved Agreement by the same individual Realtor will result in a 2.5% commission to be paid as stipulated in Section 7. This will carry at any time during the year or from one year to the next. Example: A contract is written in November, 2021 and another written in March, 2022, would qualify.
  2. 3% Commission. Any third signed and approved Fulford Homes Sales & Construction Agreement contract from an individual Realtor® within 6 months of two other signed and approved Agreements by the same individual Realtor® will result in a 3.0% commission to be paid as stipulated in Section 7. This will carry at any time during the year or from one year to the next. Example: A contract is written in November, 2021 and a second written in February, 2022, and a third written in March, 2022, would qualify. This same 3% commission will apply on any additional contracts over 3 in the same 6-month period.

Any judgments regarding this additional commission will be made solely by the President of Fulford Homes.