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Kind Words From Some Happy Fulford Home Owners



"In June of 2014 while stationed in Guam with the USAF, we received notice that we would be relocating to Scott AFB, Illinois. We knew this would be our last base and a great place for retirement. Immediately we began searching for homes to make sure we would have a place to live when we arrived in October 2014.

We did a lot of research on different builders in the area and contacted a  few to inquiry about building our own home. Fulford Homes was the only builder who even gave us the time of day, as the rest just told us to get in contact when we arrived. We wanted to start building and have the house ready when we arrived so the not contacting thing wouldn't have worked.

Austin from Fulford Homes immediately made us feel comfortable and reassured us he would be with us every step of the way. We signed our build contract and began making decisions on flooring, paint, cabinets and the works. Austin made sure to email us samples of the products offered to us and also was great about giving recommendations on color schemes that worked well together.

July 9th 2014 fulford broke ground and began building our beautiful home. We received weekly progress pictures from Austin which really helped us feel like we were there. We arrived October 10th and viewed our house in person for the first time on October 11 2014. Everything came together so beautifully and Fulford was a dream to work with!

If we had to do it all over again we would choose Fulford Homes every time!" The McErlain Family



"I searched for several months looking for the perfect home for my family. After visiting Woodfield Lake Estates I knew I wanted a Fulford Home. They make the process of building a new home stress-free." Cheryl Harris



"Even though we have lived in many homes, this was our first experience building one and we could not be happier. Because of the quality of workmanship and the great attention to detail, we believe we have an incredible home to live in and a valuable investment for the future." Scott & Suzanne Adkins



"We're delighted with our second Fulford home. We built 15 years ago and chose this builder again because of the quality workmanship and professionalism of the staff. We'd do it again, but we're here to stay!" Carm & Linda Walgamott



"When we returned to the area we wanted to build a home and we knew Fulford had a reputation for quality. It was challenging making decisions, but Fulford made the building process easy. We enjoyed our experience so much that we recommended Fulford to our parents!" The Bullock Family



"Fulford Homes are built to match your desires. Guidance and support when you need it, flexibility when you want it. Fulford stands behind every facet of the building/warranty process to ensure your satisfaction. After purchasing five other new homes, Fulford built our dream home." Harm & Donna Aning


We welcome you to join our long list of happy Fulford home owners!